Bipasha, Karan's Vacation 2.0.
Bipasha, Karan's Vacation 2.0.

This Time in Maldives

  • Rajinikanth

    I did not have the privilege of seeing our mahatma Gandhiji, Kamaraj or Barathiyaar but was blessed enough to live admist mahatma Kalamji Wed Jul 29 12:18:41 , 2015

  • Bipasha Basu
    Bipasha Basu

    @AnniLoveBipasha Darling life is about progression.Cannot stay or be the same that I was before.Need to evolve.Just keep loving me ,always. Wed Jul 29 02:26:26 , 2015

  • Shah Rukh Khan
    Shah Rukh Khan

    Saw young ppl dance to a music only they can hear. It’s not better or worse just a different rhythm. Don’t bind, free them, so they flourish Wed Jul 29 01:12:14 , 2015

  • Amitabh Bachchan
    Amitabh Bachchan

    @Happy_1 @iamsrk is that for me or him ..thank you for both Tue Jul 28 20:59:47 , 2015