Adnan Sami Helps Ranveer Singh Proclaim that No One's Sweeter Than His Sweeta

  | October 01, 2014 16:40 IST (New Delhi)

A still from the song Kill Dil song Sweeta featuring Parineeti Chopra and Ranveer Singh

Luckily for its patrons, the song goes beyond film industry's usual approach to Delhi

If the first song of Kill Dil gave us a rustic glimpse of the film's backdrop and it's Killer trio - Govinda and his henchmen Ranveer and Ali - the second song is all about the intestines of Delhi.

The visuals of the song sung by the Adnan Sami - it's refreshing to hear his voice on screen after almost a year - begin on the terrace of Dev's (Ranveer) hideout which seem to be situated right opposite the Metro lines in Delhi's Tagore Garden area. The area houses some of Delhi's most famous marriage procession bands, and as a tribute to them we see one band playing on the roof right next to Ranveer as he lip syncing to a radio on which the song is playing, apparently. (Also Read: Our Review of Kill Dil Title Track)

What follows is a whirlwind tour of various spots in the city where Dev is following Disha (Parineeti) calling her his 'Sweeta'. From the way it's used in the number, the word 'Sweeta' seems to be Dev's interpretation of Sweetheart.

We see Disha going through her swimming and yoga sessions, ballet lessons, shopping, pottery lessons and zipping in a racing car completely oblivious to Dev proclamation of love and adoration for her. It is not until the middle of the song that we see her hugging him and it?s only towards the end of the song that we witness the infamous lip-lock between them ? one that makes him lose consciousness drown to the pool?s bottom.

Luckily for its patrons, the song goes beyond film industry's usual approach to Delhi. There is no India Gate, Chandni Chowk and crowded streets on display. Instead, we see latest swimming facilities across Yamuna, clear roads, Buddh International circuit and dollops of the Delhi Metro. Tutu (Ali Zafar) shows up in the video a couple of times with a complete disinterest in Dev's tantrums, swiveling his glass of whiskey for entertainment.

Although we worry that this song, and the movie eventually, glorifies Parinieeti as the quintessential loud and 'bubbly' city girl, as have all her movies in the past, Ranveer's fans are in for some interesting fun, courtesy the actor's signature over the top boy-next-door antics and his auburn hair which can give shampoo companies a run for their money.