Cannes Diary: Day 4

Cannes Diary: Day 4
Today I did interviews with the talent on Restless, the new Gus Van Sant movie about the relationship between a boy obsessed by death and a girl dying of cancer.

The film features three pedigreed names: it's been produced by Bryce Dallas Howard, the actor-daughter of filmmaker Ron Howard (a two time Oscar-nominee who has directed films like Frost/Nixon and A Beautiful Mind). The lead actor is Henry Hopper, son of legendary actor/hell-raiser/rebel Dennis Hopper. It also stars Schuyler Fisk, the daughter of Oscar-winning actress Sissy Spacek. I thought this was intriguing because comparatively speaking, there seems to be much less nepotism in Hollywood than there is in Bollywood.

I was also intrigued by the fact that unlike Bollywood kids, these guys weren't actively encouraged to join showbiz from the day they were born. In fact, Bryce said that when she told her parents that she wanted to be an actor, Ron discouraged her. He suggested that if there was anything else that interested her, she should give that a try first.

Henry, who started out as a painter, said that his father's advice to him was: be cool. Bryce spoke about being keenly aware of the privileged position she enjoys - which only made me wonder, how come we so rarely hear our actors say this? Why is stardom and an acting career taken so much for granted?

The most poignant part of the interview: Van Sant said that Dennis Hopper, who died last year, saw Restless on DVD. He said Henry reminded him of himself when he was young.

In other news, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides premiered this morning. At 8.30 a.m. the theater Lumiere was packed with viewers eager to see Captain Jack Sparrow's new adventure. That's the beauty of Cannes - every film from an obscure art house indie to the biggest Hollywood blockbuster finds an audience.

Sadly, the film felt too long and labored. Even Johnny Depp's insouciant charm couldn't energize it sufficiently enough. But the beauteous mermaids who lure men to their death were quite deadly!!

Incidentally, in the Pirates press conference, Depp said that Jack Sparrow is such a hit because he is a "romantic skunk."