For injured John Abraham, the show must go on

  | January 26, 2013 13:26 IST (Mumbai)
John Abraham

John Abraham was injured while shooting for an action sequence for Race 2

Although John Abraham suffered a shoulder injury while shooting an action sequence for Race 2, he refused to take a break.

With an astounding physique like that, there is no stopping John Abraham. The bulky actor was injured while performing an action scene in Race 2 but he kept the show running as he had other commitments to take care of once the day's entire schedule was complete.

In the recent release directed by Abbas-Mustan, the former supermodel was to engage in a fighting sequence with former Mr Universe Andrew. In the subsequent scenes, John was supposed to be manhandled by two people who were to break bottles on his head. Things went fine for a while before everything went awry resulting in the actor's injury.

"Those who were assigned to crash bottles on his head mistimed the choreography and ended up cutting John on his shoulder. He was attended to immediately but he was brave enough to not lose his cool and decided to complete the work at hand," says a source from the sets.

Turns out the directors were keen on using a body double for this particular scene due to its high-octane nature. But the actor was against the idea.

"At first, it was decided that a body double would be doing the stunt since it was very risky. But John wanted to do the shot himself, as he knew he would be able to deliver. In the end, though he was hurt, John continued shooting as it was his decision to go ahead with the scene without a body double," concludes the source.