Heroine gives Kareena Kapoor a sore throat

Heroine gives Kareena Kapoor a sore throat
With Kareena Kapoor playing the protagonist in Madhur Bhandarkar's next film, it is natural to assume the actress would leave no stone unturned to play her character to the hilt.

However, in the bargain, her intense performance is actually taking a toll on her health. Bebo is said to be down with a sore throat, thanks to the emotional scenes she has shot for the film.

A source said, "The kind of scenes that she was doing a few days ago were really intense and required Bebo to bring out the rawness of feelings that her character undergoes at some point in the storyline."

The source further revealed that Kareena rejected method acting to shoot for her role. Instead, she decided to step into the character's shoes and portray the emotions naturally.

"Kareena was sure that behaving like her character would bring out a better result. In the scenes where she has to shout at her co-actors Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda, she let the feelings simmer within her before going in for the take. So when she shot those scenes, she really screaming her lungs out, expressing the rage and the pain that her character feels at that moment," the source explained.

The source further added that Kareena even refused to use glycerin to induce tears and cried naturally for the shot. The source said, "She stuck to her natural approach. So when Madhur Bhandarkar called for action, she actually burst out - sobbing and giving her dialogue in between sniffles, while everyone around watched in rapt attention. It took Madhur Bhandarkar a couple of seconds to realise that the shot was over, before he could call 'Cut!'."

It is learnt that by the end of the day's shoot, Kareena was not only exhausted, but was also down with a sore throat. "So much so that she couldn't speak properly. Naturally, the director was doubly worried. The heavy-duty action scenes were taking a toll on his leading lady and they couldn't afford to cancel even a day's shoot. Thankfully, Kareena was feeling better the following day," said the source. The actress was unavailable for comment, but her spokesperson said, "Kareena was unwell for a couple of days but didn't let it affect the shoot schedule."

Last year, during the shooting for beau Saif Ali Khan's film Agent Vinod in New Delhi, Kareena was said to have hurt herself while shooting for an action sequence. Bebo suffered a sprain in the neck.