Is Saif Ali Khan having second thoughts about Sajid's film?

Is Saif Ali Khan having second thoughts about Sajid's film?
After Himmatwala flopped at the box office, Saif Ali Khan is unsure about Sajid Khan's next film.
Looks like after the debacle of Sajid Khan's Himmatwala at the box office, Saif Ali Khan - whose next film is to be helmed by the director - is feeling the heat.

A source said, "Himmatwala's fate didn't deter Sajid from announcing his next with Saif, Amitabh Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh. The shooting is all set to start from July. But incidentally, Saif is in a phase of his career where he is reinventing himself. Given the way Himmatwala bombed at the box office, the actor is feeling jittery."

Another source said, "Just like Himmatwala, Sajid said even his next would become a blockbuster. And after he left the scene, everyone was hoping the film doesn't meet with Himmatwala's fate."

Action replay? No way!

An actor who was part of Sajid Khan's Himmatwala hopes that the director's next film with Saif Ali Khan and Riteish Deshmukh lives up to be an entertainer.

The actor said, "We had a lot of expectations from Himmatwala. We were shocked by the response it received from the audience. Sajid felt he would connect with them but this time he just could not. It came as a big disappointment that the film proved to be a disaster. The entertainment quotient did not work at all."

The actor added, "I hope Sajid's next film is better. I hope he is able to make a film that will connect with the audience. And not just with him!"