Kangana Ranaut asks for luxury hotel suite, Karan Johar says no   | April 09, 2013 12:24 IST (Mumbai)

According to reports, the actress asked for a luxury room in a hotel near her shooting location, but Karan Johar turned down her demand.


Kangana Ranaut apparently has been losing her sleep over work, quite literally.

While shooting for her upcoming film Ungli! helmed by Rensil D'Silva and produced by Karan Johar, Kangana Ranaut had to remain awake during the nights, as her scenes were being shot in the dark.

However, sources said that the actress was unable to sleep in peace in her house during the day, thanks to the surrounding noise. Kangana Ranaut apparently demanded the production house to book her a suite in a nearby suburban luxury hotel.

Karan Johar's banner however refused to give in to Kangana Ranaut's demands that apparently left her fuming.

A source said, "Kangana is extremely displeased with it and has been voicing her complains quite openly. She is cribbing aloud to people who have been meeting her these days. Since the shoot was going on in the nights, she found it difficult to sleep in her home during the day, as it is quite noisy outside. She asked to be allotted a suite in a luxury hotel through her sister and manager Rangoli but the production house turned her request down."

Kangana Ranaut was recently heard speaking to a friend at a restaurant about her predicament. The source added, "Kangana was upset that while the production house says it takes care of its actors, apparently it doesn't! She simply could not catch up on her sleep."

So much so, that it even resulted in the actress reporting to work later than the scheduled timing.

Yet another tantrum by the star? Our guess is as good as yours.

Kangana loses it!

According to sources, Kangana's official e-mail address has been hacked into. The actress had recently been denied access to her account after which she started receiving phone calls from her friends wondering why she had not replied to any of their e-mails.

A source said, "When Kangana realised that her account had been hacked, she duly informed her office, her staff and other industrywallas about it."