Katrina Kaif welcomes move to target false claims in advertising

  | February 05, 2014 13:53 IST (Mumbai)
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Katrina says advertisements should not be misleading

Katrina Kaif believes it will make both the actor and brand more responsible.

While the Central Consumer Protection Council (CCPC) is planning to target companies and celebrities endorsing a product for any false claims in advertisements, Katrina Kaif believes it will make both the actor and brand more responsible.
"I don't know enough about it (the rule) but if that is the case, it is very good. It will enforce quality control and it's going to make the actor and the brand a little more responsible and careful in making a claim," the 29-year-old said here on Tuesday while unveiling a new hair care range by L'Oreal Paris.
"It's important, you should not mislead people. So if you are making a claim in an advertisement, hopefully your product should deliver that promise," she added.

The CCPC is planning to set up certain rules under which a distressed consumer can claim compensation from both the company and the celebrity endorsing a product.
Katrina says she has always been responsible while endorsing any brand.
"I think I have been very conscious throughout my career. I can't go back and remember every line of every ad I have done but I think in the most part I have been pretty conscious that we are not making a wrong claim. I am pretty confident with everything I do," Katrina said.
Katrina Kaif is the new face of the international brand L'0real Paris. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor are also the faces of the brand.