Salman Khan's sister in catfight at Soha Ali Khan's bash

Salman Khan's sister in catfight at Soha Ali Khan's bash
Arpita Khan was allegedly abused and insulted by starlet Lisa Bocarro at Soha Ali Khan's bash
Seems like actor Salman Khan's little sister Arpita is following in her elder brother's footsteps by having public spats with people.

Arpita allegedly got into a verbal quarrel with starlet Lisa Bocarro at actor Soha Ali Khan's party at her new Khar apartment in Mumbai on Friday night. A double bash to also celebrate Soha's beau Kunal Khemu's 30th birthday, the party saw quite some drama when Lisa, whose only claim to fame has been a forgettable role in Arpita's brother Sohail Khan's film Fight Club, allegedly started badmouthing Arpita.

While the real reason behind the fight is yet unknown, rumour mills say that Arpita was casually chatting with a friend when one of her acquaintances tapped her on the shoulder to say hello. It was then that Lisa, who was reportedly cricketer Yuvraj Singh's date for the night, allegedly cursed Arpita under her breath, and the Khan sister, who was apparently already miffed with Lisa for ruining her friendship with Yuvi, heard it.

A volley of loud abuses allegedly followed suit before Lisa pushed Arpita, who then dialled up her brother Sohail Khan.

The doting brother lost no time in taking his kid sister home.

Yuvraj and Lisa too followed suit.