Shah Rukh Khan charms Vancouver, to perform despite injury

Press Trust of India   | April 07, 2013 15:10 IST (Vancouver)

Shah Rukh Khan blows a kiss to a fan after arriving in Vancouver


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is nursing a shoulder injury he suffered on the sets of his upcoming film Chennai Express and may have to undergo a surgery later.

But he will go ahead with his performance at the maiden Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA). His act is one of the most anticipated segments and the 47-year-old star is planning to entertain his numerous fans by taking some precaution.

His act is one of the most anticipated segments and the 47-year-old star is planning to entertain his numerous fans by taking some precaution. "I have been shooting for 14 days non-stop and on top of it I hurt myself. My shoulder is hurting a bit," SRK told PTI in an interview.

When asked whether it was the old injury, he said, "It is a new injury. The old one is fine but for this one I may have to go for a surgery later. I have to perform so it is a bit of a drag but I will try to avoid the right hand movement during the dance as much as I can."

It has been a hectic few weeks for the actor as he has been juggling different things back home including the opening ceremony of IPL, where he performed with actress Deepika Padukone and international rapper Pitbull. "I did the IPL ceremony and then there was the match. I flew in after dropping the kids because my wife (Gauri) had left already for TOIFA.

Yes, it has been hectic but that is how I live. I might also miss my team's next match." Shah Rukh is teaming up with director Rohit Shetty for the first time in Chennai Express, a romantic comedy, which has been produced by the actor's production house Red Chillies Entertainment. The film also stars Padukone and the actor says there is still some work left on it, which he plans to finish after the awards. "We have some 15 days left and when I get back I will complete it. Just some songs and six seven scenes are left," he said.

This is the second film in which Shah Rukh has worked with Padukone. They previously starred together in Om Shanti Om and the actor says he was happy to play a regular hero. "I hope this film entertains people. I think it is very big and very funny film. We have been watching it as it gets edited. It is a different kind of experience for me. I have not performed a comedy or a regular hero role. "My character is someone who dances well, fights and does comedy too all in one film. It has been very happening for me.

I have really enjoyed it," he said. The film's poster, which was unveiled on January 1, saw SRK and Padukone in lungis, which were borrowed from the cast. "I actually wanted Deepika to wear the lungi. She said, 'I will wear it if you wear it too'. So, we just borrowed lungis from the rest of the cast and did a quick photoshoot." There is a kind of fan frenzy that is very unique to Shah Rukh and the scene was no different here as the actor was greeted with hundreds of people when he landed at the airport after a long flight. Fans braved the cold weather, to catch a glimpse of the superstar at the airport, outside his hotel and at the red carpet.