Sonakshi Sinha a gizmo gal

 Sonakshi Sinha a gizmo gal
"I think it's dumb to assume that women are dumb with gadgets," says actor Sonakshi Sinha. This lissome young lady is a total gizmo freak and can't live without her iPad, laptop and tablets. Sona, who's also active on social networking sites, shares her love for technology:

Tech talk

Yes, I love most gadgets. I like phones like everyone else, but mine should have great features and applications to keep me engaged. I like Mp3 players, tablets, laptops, and sound systems. I am quite tech-savvy as well. I was introduced to computers and the Internet in school, so I sort of grew along with it, learning things along the way. Even today, I have friends who call me first if there's something wrong with their phone or iPad!

Online fun

Like many, I am also hooked on to the Internet. It's a whole world out there that's just waiting to be explored. Everything is just a click away, right from shopping to research to gaming, etc. I like the fact that it is a gateway to everything. The one thing I don't like about the Internet is the fact that people misuse it in many ways.

Social connection

Social networking has helped me connect with my fans from all over the world. When I was relatively new to the industry, interacting with my fans on these websites gave me confidence and motivated me to do better. Their feedback, love and support have helped me understand how my fans would like to see me. It also gave me a platform to help my fans understand me better and get to know the real me. Of course, you do get some criticism online, but if it's constructive, I do pay heed to it. And you can always ignore the rest! Recently, I've received an Invite from, which is an invite only portal and I love it. All my social media accounts are synced into one and I can analyse the response all my posts receive. It is really interesting and engaging.

Click happy

I love my iPad and rarely leave home without it. It keeps me connected to all the things I require throughout the day like my pictures, email, games etc. I did like one of those remotes that control everything right from the lights to the TV, but I am afraid I'd get lazier than I already am if I do get one (laughs out loud) of those.