We are a repressed society, says Sonam Kapoor

  | March 07, 2013 20:13 IST (New Delhi)
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Sonam Kapoor says she would like to be reborn as a woman

Sonam Kapoor said she wanted women to be respected and honoured and for people to realise that they make the world go round.

A proud feminist was how the 28-year-old Sonam Kapoor liked to describe herself as she introduced L'oreal and Femina's awards celebrating women of worth. On Women's Day, the actress said wanted women to be respected and honoured and for people to realise that they make the world go round. A strong believer in reincarnation Sonam said she would like to be reborn a woman each time.

As Bollywood takes on the cause of women Sonam was optimistic things for women will change everywhere.

So is 16 as the age for sex fine with her. Sonam responded, "We are a sexually repressed society. Come on!,  we are the land of Kamasutra, sex is not unnatural stop balking as if it is a bad thing its natural because we are so peverse, that's why these men regard it as titillation.

Her woman of substance, Sonam said, "It is Nirbhaya and all the women who stand up for injustice." The actress, who has has been in and out of Delhi, said it was whilst shooting for Ranjhanaa opposite Dhanush , in which she plays a student studying in JNU, that realised the atrocities that women were subjected to.

And as headlines scream that actress is all set to don a bikini for Yash Raj's next film, Sonam said, "What's the big deal if I have to wear it. I will wear it like a pair of jeans, I can't be wearing a burkha to the beach and why do we make a big deal about bikini and kissing. If I love a man in my film I can't just be holding his hand I will kiss no? We are very repressed as a society."

Sonam said she was happy to be working opposite Bollywood's current poster boy of talent Ayushmann Khurrana describing him as confident and respectful. But if given a chance at role reversal a male character that Sonam would like to play would be her father's roles where the female protagonist is as powerful - be it Mr India or Beta.

Her all-time favourite role is Waheeda Rahman as Rosie in Guide who walks out of a bad marriage and chooses her career over a relationship proclaiming that is how she will live. According to Sonam that is what is strength of purpose.

So if there was a book written on her what would it be called - the actress responded, "The Honest Girl."