When driver turned Arjun Kapoor's best friend

When driver turned Arjun Kapoor's best friend
Arjun Kapoor, who is all set to make his debut with Ishaqzaade, befriended a driver named Avneesh Yadav while shooting for the movie in Hardoi near Lucknow. According to reports, Arjun's character in the film is also modelled on driver Avneesh.

The driver became a reference point for Arjun Kapoor's role of a UP-based boy in Ishaqzaade.

Avneesh Yadav has been bragging that he actually turned Arjun from "Bombaiyya" to a "UP ka chhokra (UP-based boy)", and that he taught Arjun the local dialect, how to walk, and conduct himself like a local, not from Lucknow, but from the state's interiors.

"Avneesh became Arjun's best friend in Uttar Pradesh. Avneesh is a taxi driver whom Arjun met at the Lucknow airport," said the source.

"On the journey from the airport to the hotel, Arjun got around talking with his driver and soon they hit it off. Before Avneesh dropped Arjun at his hotel, they had become buddies. Arjun suggested that Avneesh will drive him all around Lucknow and Hardoi throughout his shooting," the source added.

From that point till the shooting was over, Avneesh and Arjun were nearly inseparable.

The source added, "Avneesh, in fact, became a reference point for Arjun's character in Ishaqzaade. Director Habib Faisal told Arjun to use Avneesh's mannerisms, body language and spoken language. In fact, Arjun's performance is finally modelled on Avneesh. You see Arjun had all the personality traits of a Juhu boy. Avneesh helped Arjun transform into a 'UP ka chhokra'."

The friendship also came as a golden opportunity for Avneesh, who ended up with a role in the film.

"Avneesh could've never imagined he would actually be sharing frames with the hero of the film. He was just happy mingling with the unit. Now he claims to his friends he is a Yashraj discovery. And he isn't wrong. Avneesh has given a very confident performance in his cameo," said the source.

Avneesh and Arjun have remained in contact even after the actor returned to Mumbai.

Avneesh can't wait for the film to open. He has decided to book an entire theatre for his family and friends.