Will not comment on anything political or religious now: Shah Rukh Khan

Puja Talwar   | February 08, 2013 09:20 IST (New Delhi)

The Baadshah of Bollywood also said that he would have loved to have interacted with PT Usha.


Looking dapper in a black suit and grey waistcoat, it is the spark which accompanies Shah Rukh Khan, that seems to have gone amiss.

In the capital to honour women achievers for Tag Heur at a time when women in the country were being dishonoured Shah Rukh Khan said, "It's deplorable, not against women but mankind. But I am glad people are speaking up."

Talking about a band of talented girls being silenced Shah Rukh Khan weighed his words and said, "Issues are going to spring up everywhere and some people will always have problems with others, but I rather not comment on matters religious or political."

It seemed we were talking to a weary and a disgruntled Shah Rukh Khan. "No, you said disgruntled I could say cynic, but none of those. I just don't want to comment on anything where my opinion doesn't matter. I'd rather just talk about films my projects because that's what I know about," the actor said.

But why doesn't he think that we need to redefine freedom of expression. SRK said, "Well depends, but express what people want you to express about."

So, the only way to zap SRK's mood was to ask him about what he was good at - Romance. We asked him about the women he would have wanted to romance and we managed to get the dreamy look back on his face.

"Madhubala, my dad loved her. Waheedaji, Saira Banu and I would have loved to have interacted with PT Usha and the rest of the ladies I have romanced," SRK said.

So now the actor will be off to Harvard, he said - "No ways, I have only read about that. So, don't trust everything that's written about Shah Rukh and what's spoken about."

All we want to say is King Khan you walk your talk and that's what makes you the Baadshah of hearts.