Michael Lohan Pleads Not Guilty In Domestic Violence Case

Michael Lohan Pleads Not Guilty In Domestic Violence Case
Michael Lohan, the estranged father of Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan, has pleaded not guilty to attacking his ex-girlfriend, Kate Majors, in a domestic violence case.

The 51-year-old was arrested in March for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend, but he has said that it was Majors who attacked him, reported Daily Mail online.

Michael was charged with domestic violence after allegedly holding her against her will and preventing her from calling the police.

He was booked by police for false imprisonment, preventing the reporting of victimisation and inflicting corporal injury on a co-habitant with his bail set at USD 200,000.

 His girlfriend, filed a report at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after an argument between the couple turned physical.

Lindsay, 24, has endured a turbulent relationship with her father and was estranged from him for several years. He has a history of arrests in New York over allegations of harassment from ex-girlfriends.

Majors also claimed he became physically violent toward her during filming of Celebrity Rehab when she visited the Pasadena Therapy Centre to partake in a therapy session with Lohan.

"I wish that he gets the help that he needs and I feel sorry that Dina was stuck with him for 18 years and my heart goes out to his children," said Majors.