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Kal Kisne Dekha

Mayank Shekhar, Film critic, NDTV   | Friday, June 12, 2009
Kal Kisne Dekha
  • Genre:
  • Cast:
    Jackky Bhagnani, Vaishali Desai, Rishi Kapoor
  • Director:
    Vivek Sharma

After about two and half month strike, multiplexes are back in business, which means you can finally watch movies on the big screen again.
The bad news is: You may not really want to watch this week's big-ticket release. It's called Kal Kisne Dekha.

The film stars a producer's son, with a fairly feminine or canine name, Jacky. As they say in Bollywood, this is a "launch vehicle". Or it's a sort of movie that places future stars into the film galaxy.

The purpose of such a picture is merely to present an actor in various poses. He would do everything imaginable as an audition for future films. If you've seen Love Story 2050, ok I know you haven't, but you'd know, what I'm talking about.

Basically the whacky Jacky shows off his cleavage in shirts, and sleeveless, torn T-shirts. And we get to know all that he's great at. For one, he's a scientist. He can crack electrical codes. He pumps iron like no one else. He has the best dance moves. He plays the mandolin, can blow the trumpet. He is comical. But he can also bash up baddies real bad. And once he even ducks a bullet in slow-motion.

Such films should actually be super-hero flicks. It would make suspension of disbelief a lot easier. Unfortunately, between everything else, the filmmakers also have to squeeze in a storyline. And this one is phenomenal. The hero can look into the future. He has a professor who wants to bomb the airport, mall and train stations of Mumbai because he was once kicked out of NASA's lab. Whatever that means. So, the hero must save Mumbai from getting bombed and of course he must save his girlfriend too.

To be honest, the only bomb I can see is this film itself. We wish it all the best. Also because, a movie like this tells us how such great gems are neatly tucked away in Bollywood and they quickly enter and exit public memory.

 Kal Kisne Dekha Rating : 
/ 5 stars