Sorry CWG anthem was a disappointment, says Rahman

Sorry CWG anthem was a disappointment, says Rahman
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Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman apologised for the disappointment caused by his Commonwealth Games anthem.

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, the maestro admitted that the track was not up to the mark. The reason for this travesty was the fact that it was only tested on the younger generation and not all the age groups.

"The anthem was tested on the younger generation, and not all ages. We tested it on a lot of nationalities, but for some reason, people did not like it and it became a huge controversy," said Rahman.

He further added, "It served the purpose, I was patient. And next time I should be careful about testing it out on all the generations. It is difficult to satisfy every one, but I did try my best and I am sorry to have let anybody down; but I'm definitely proud of the composition."

Overall, the CWG anthem, India bula liya got a lukewarm response from the audience and was openly criticised by CWG Organising Committee's executive board member V K Malhotra and other leaders for "falling short of expectations".

Before the games, Rahman had received a lot of criticism upon the preview of the track and had to 'tweak' the song a bit.

According to reports, the song was made 'peppier' to meet up to the precedence set before by Rahman's Chak de .

At the time, legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar had defended the music maestro by saying that not every song of this genius composer could be a rocking hit.

During the interview, Rahman also added that the music of the Rajinikanth-Aishwarya Rai starrer Endhiran was also a let down due to the dubbing. His version was only supposed to be in Tamil and had to dub the song for the other versions of the film. He said that with dubbing, there arises a problem of limitation of lyrics and sensitivity of language - and that in this particular case, "it showed."