Censored! This is What Rihanna Considers a 'Dress'

Censored! This is What Rihanna Considers a 'Dress'

Rihanna wore this dress, Rated R, to the CFDA fashion awards in New York on June 2. The Big Apple is talking about little else.

RiRi, who was collecting the Fashion Icon award, showed up in completely sheer and shimmering Adam Selman with just a fur boa to cover the bits she didn't want people to see (there didn't seem to be any).

Some folks think this was her revenge dress, aimed at rapper Drake who she just broke up with. Others think she wore it to show Instagram, who suspended her account over racy pictures, who was boss.

We just think she wore the dress just because she's possibly the only person in the whole world who could, would and did.

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