Skin is in

Skin is in

There was no hullabaloo when Bipasha Basu flaunted her curves in Race or Priyanka Chopra slipped into bikinis in Dostana. And Aamir Khan and John Abraham didn't shy away from the dare-bare act either.

In Bollywood, skin show is in - and it's not causing a scandal.

"I think it's about the change in society. When I was 16 years old, I never dared to venture out wearing hot pants or any such clothes. But look at women today. Girls are dressing up in revealing clothes in clubs, while dining at a restaurant, while strolling on the streets," says Neha Dhupia, actress.

"Even 40-year-old women are dressing the way they never did. I mean when my mother was 40, she could never think of wearing those clothes. Same goes for Bollywood," she added.

Priyanka, who flaunted her body in skimpy outfits in Fashion and cleavage-baring Dostana, says films with skin show are doing well.

"Where there's a demand, there's a supply. If people didn't watch such films, we would have stopped making them. Besides, I do it only if my character in a film justifies it," Priyanka said.

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