The sexiest Asian

The sexiest Asian

There was a time when Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Deol were regarded as the macho stars in tinsel town . There weren't many hereos who thought of leaving their shirts unbuttoned, let alone drop their shirts. Then came Salman Khan  with his O O Jaane Jaana act and changed everything. He arrived on the scene with his famous six-pack and the shirtless torso became a thing of pride and perpetual display!  Usually clothed Shah Rukh Khan  took the plunge in 2007 with his Darde Disco in  Om Shanti Om. Since then, there has been an obsession with sporting a perfect figure among Bollywood stars in 2008. Here is a look at all the hot bods, who sizzled on the big screen and left us asking for more.

If Kareena made news with her size zero in Tashan, Aamir came out with a killer look in Ghajini. However, it was John Abraham who sported the hottest bod in Dostana. Post Dostana, women are drooling over him even more, and why not? Even guys are getting envious of his lithe frame. Thanks to celebrity Hollywood trainer Mike Ryan, who trained John for the film. After tickling the funny bones with his gay act in the film, the Bollywood hunk also made the nation proud when he was adjudged the sexiest Asian man in the world in 2008 by British weekly Eastern Eye. John has every reason to flash his sexy smile.

Pics: John is the sexiest

Pics: John,the eco warrior

Pics: John's got wings! Is ready to fly!