Aishwarya Dhanush, on the 3 song

Aishwarya Dhanush, on the 3 song
Aishwarya Dhanush is ready for the media circus. After years of keeping a low profile, Rajnikanth's daughter is all set to direct a film with her husband playing the lead. While the film, 3, has been making headlines thanks to its single, Why this kolaveri di, Aishwarya, who was an assistant director in Baba and Aayirathil Oruvan, has gathered a lot of attention herself.

The film is produced by Dhanush's father, Kasturi Raja, and also stars Shruti Hassan.

"People can expect a new Shruti, a role she has never played before," promises the director.

As for the storyline, Aishwarya wants to keep people guessing. "It is an emotionally charged romantic movie that every person can relate to," is all she says. More from the classical dancer and director:

What started with Kolaveri The 'happy love failure' song, Why this kolaveri di, has been attracting both praise and criticism, and Aishwariya reveals how the song happened. "I did not expect the song to become a hit. We did not make much efforts with it as it was written in an hour. I wanted the song to be different and when Dhanush came up with the 'tanglish' version, we adapted it," she recalls.

Incidentally, the song has among its fans Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwariya's superstar dad, Rajinikanth. "I think I owe so much to the person who leaked the video online," she says. "My father was shocked that the song had reached different parts of the world."

Made at leisure

"After being associated with two big names (Rajnikanth and Dhanush), the pressure is high but it is a driving force for me to work better. 3 was initially not a feature film but a short movie. Dhanush asked me to work on it. I was pregnant with my second child and I had nine whole months to myself. Dhanush did not accept the script at once. He agreed to do the movie after a week," she recalls, admitting that her dream movie would be something along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean.

As real as it gets

The music for 3 is by Anirudh, an alumnus of A R Rahman's school of music. "Anirudh and I have worked on several documentaries and shorts previously. I wanted a music director who would sit with me the entire day and comeup with an extraordinary tune. It's a healthy trend, of actors turning into singers. People can relate to the song more when the singers perform it," says Dhanush.

Everybody on board

With her hectic schedule, there seems to be no free time for the new director, who admits that her parents were very supportive. "My father was officially the babysitter. I spend my free time with my children. I like to take them to Landmark or Mothercare," says Aishwarya.

Recalling her own childhood, she adds, "My father acted in five to seven movies per year, so his schedule was crazy. He spent time with us when he could and regularly took us on summer vacations."

Up close and personal

On my iPod: Carnatic, hip hop, sometimes heavy metal too. I like Aruna Sairam and Pink Floyd.

Unwind special: London and Singapore. Singapore has everything under one roof. There is something for everyone, right from my kids to my husband. I have spent a lot of time with my parents in London. We used to shop a lot. We even watched the World Cup together there.

Most wanted actor: Apart from my father and husband, Johnny Depp. And Kajol, for she is a wonderful person and a brilliant actress.

Last watched: The Twilight: Breaking Dawn 1 was brilliant.

3 is schedule to release on January 14, 2012.