Dhanush: Tamil cinema's "Wonder Boy"

Express News Service   | November 24, 2011 11:04 IST (Chennai)

Dhanush is fast becoming the favourite of those looking for new genres in Tamil cinema. H

Dhanush is fast becoming the favourite of those looking for new genres in Tamil cinema. He has taken on some challenging roles in the past and has delivered time and again. It seems like he is all set to do that once more in Mayakkam Enna, which has been directed by his brother Selvaraghavan.

Dhanush has also progressed from being just an actor to being an artiste who can sing and even pen lyrics. The man, who is now sporting a clean-shaven look, says, "Well, this look is for 3. There are two different roles in 3 and the clean shaven look is for one of them." Every time he tries something new, it has become a style statement. His spiked hair and stubble became a hit after Mayakkam Enna posters were released.

"Yes, I like that look too. In fact, I didn't opt for a make-over. When Selva narrated the script to me, I decided to try a sporty look. I didn't even visit a salon. I was my own hair stylist," he discloses.

But ask him about the film's story and the actor's lips are sealed.

Says he, "It's a deep emotional film. It talks about the colours of emotion and you will know that every single colour has a meaning to it. This film will surely make you understand the importance of colours in your life."

There's been much talk about the movie being a huge success already. So, why does he think this is happening?

"All I can say now is not to expect anything from this film. It's definitely a feel-good film and you'll feel cleansed after watching it," is all that he'll say about Mayakkam Enna.

The actor though can't stop raving about his wife, who is directing him in 3. "She is new to direction but not new to the film industry. However, she has a long way to go. And I really don't want to comment. She is doing a great job and I'm proud of her."

But ask him why she chose him for the role and he says, "Even I wondered about this decision of hers before listening to the script. I thought she had opted for me as she might have been of the opinion that working with me (her husband) in her first project would make her feel comfortable. But later, after reading the script, I realised that the role was tailor-made for me."

Speaking about the female lead in 3, Dhanush is all praise for Shruti and her talent. "Shruti is a talented actress and I have seen her potential. But when it comes to my film, I don't see Shruti as Kamal sir's daughter.For me, she is just another talented actress with whom I've been paired for a film."

All this while Pudhupettai has been his favourite film. Will Mayakkam Enna now replace it? Says Dhanush, "Well, performance-wise, Mayakkam Enna will be a better film for me. It's a new concept and a new genre," he says.