First trailer: Rajinikanth in Kochadaiyaan

Radhika Iyer   | September 09, 2013 11:49 IST (Chennai)

Rajinikanth in a still from the movie Kochadaiyaan


Superstar Rajinikanth returns to celluloid three years after the blockbuster Enthiran in the trailer of his new film Kochadaiyaan, released today. This will be Rajinikanth's first film after his illness in 2011, replacing the shelved Rana.

The teaser says : 'there are heroes, there are super heroes. But then there is only one Rajinikanth'.

Kochadaiyaan, a period film in which Rajinikanth plays two roles, is the first photorealistic 3D film to be produced in India. The technology captures the "performance of the artist through facial scanning and intensive research and then developed using technologies" debutant director and the superstar's younger daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth told NDTV.

Soundarya says it wasn't easy directing and giving instructions to her father. She said, "Initially it was tough. Dad too took his time before we got it right. Also because this is new technology. We shoot a bit of it and then the most important work is the post production stages."

"Dad looks great with facial hair, like his beard in Basha and the hair-do on Thalapathi. So we have taken inspiration from those looks to create this look," said Soundarya when asked about the younger, fitter looking photorealistic Rajinikanth in the film.

Kochadiayaan's music is set to release in October. It is much awaited not just because it is composed by Oscar winner A R Rahman but also because Rajinikanth has sung a song himself. "The music is really grand. We needed to match Rajinikanth's grandeur. It was tough to convince him into the recording studio. He was hesitant at the beginning but then he did render his voice. He says his philosophical dialogues in his own inimitable way which we have used in the song. that is going to be the highlight of the film and mainly its music. " A R Rahman told NDTV.

No expense has been spared in the making of Rajinikanth's last few movies, including Sivaji and Enthiran, reportedly India's most expensive film. Kochadaiyaan, too, promises to be spectacular.

Deepika Padukone is Rajini's love interest in the film which also stars Sarath Kumar, Shobhana and Jackie Shroff.

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