Review: Devaraya   | December 07, 2012 16:05 IST (New Delhi)

A still from the movie Devaraya


Cast: Srikanth, Vidisha, Meenakshi Dixit, Jai Prakash Reddy, Ranganath, Balayya, Sivaji Raja, M.S.Narayana, Raghu Karumanchi and others
Direction: Nani Krishna
Music: Chakri

Dorababu (Srikanth) is a nonchalant and irresponsible youth, who never takes life seriously and is known as the Casanova of the village he lives in.

Dorababu meets a young girl called Swapna (Vidisha) and they fall in love. However, Swapna's grandfather (Ranganath) disapproves of the alliance because of Dorababu's reputation in the village.

Swapna tries her best to make Dorababu mend his ways and win the confidence of her grandfather.

Meanwhile, an archaeologist (Sivaji Raja) visits Godavari delta in search of royal treasures and finds them. The treasures belong to the Srikrishna Devaraya dynasty. Along with it, he finds an old book from the dynasty. Unable to understand what's written in the book, he takes the help of Swapna's grandfather.

Whilre reading the book Swapna's grandfather discovers that Dorababu is related to Srikrishna Devaraya.

He also discovers that Srikrishna Devaraya could not fulfil certain promises and, as his descendant, Dorababu had to fulfil it even by sacrificing his life.

Srikanth's energetic performance is the highlight of the film. His portrayal of village youth Dorababu and the reincarnation of the Devarayas is excellent.

The two heroines, Vidisha and Meenakshi Dixit, look very glamorous in the movie though Vidisha has very little to do.

Other actors like Jayaprakash Reddy, Balayya, Ranganath and Raghu have done justice to their roles.

Music director Chakri's melodious tunes are the highlight of the movie. Director Nani Krishna goes a good job of mixing commercial elements with the story. On the whole, Devaraya is a masala movie made a good watch by Srikanth's comic timing.

After a series of flops, Srikanth can now heave a sigh of relief.

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