Sarath Kumar Warns Actor Vishal Over Derogatory Remarks

  | November 21, 2014 21:00 IST (Chennai)
Vishal Krishna Reddy

Sarath Kumar is the president of the South Indian Film Artistes' Association

"Vishal, who is eyeing the posts of the officer-bearer of the association, is making derogatory remarks against us," Sarath Kumar told reporters.

Actors Vishal Krishna Reddy and R Sarath Kumar have locked horns over some unwarranted remarks Vishal made on South Indian Film Artistes' Association (SIFAA) aka Nadigar Sangam, of which Sarath is the president.

Unhappy with the role of seniors in the association, Vishal recently expressed interest in contesting SIFAA elections.

"Vishal, who is eyeing the posts of the officer-bearer of the association, is making derogatory remarks against us," Sarath Kumar told reporters.

He was speaking at an event in Trichy on Wednesday.

Also, Vishal's comment about the association's decision to lease out its premises to a multiplex for over two decades to enjoy funds from it was not received well by its members.

"Some of the members of the association and I have contributed from our own pockets to revive the association in the past, but we've been accused now," Sarath said.

"When the association needed financial support, where were Vishal and others? It's best if he stops making these remarks about the association or he will face dire consequences and he will be removed from primary membership," he said.

In his defence, Sarath added, "By the end of the lease period, the association will have a deposit of Rs 170 crore, which will be used to pay artistes' pension and help those struggling to make ends meet."

Vishal, however, said he never made any comment against any individual or the association.

"I'm completely shocked to hear such words from Sarath Kumar, which is obscure and fake. As an actor, I respect each and every member of the Nadigar Sangam and am ready to accept their decision of expelling me from the association, if they insist," Vishal said in a statement.

"But I would kindly request Sarath Kumar to furnish the exact proof regarding my speech against the association," he added.

Vishal alleged that association members such as Radha Ravi and KN Kaalai were rude to actors" and used "unparliamentary words" on several occasions.

"As per Rule No 13 of the Act, any association members hurting the sentiments of actors are strictly punishable. In fact, veteran actor Kumarimuthu was accused of such acts and was moved out. If this is the case, then KN Kaalai and Radha Ravi deserve the same stern actions for their pain-inflicting words," he said.

"My only concern is that justice applies the same for all, irrespective of their positions and with accordance to this, both KN Kaalai and Radha Ravi have to be immediately expelled from the Nadigar Sangam," Vishal added.