After playing poker face Arjun, Shaleen Malhotra wants to do romantic roles

  | August 13, 2013 17:36 IST (Mumbai)

Shaleen plays ACP Arjun Suryakant Raute in Arjun.

After playing a poker face lead character in Arjun, Shaleen Malhotra wants to take up roles that would allow him to freely emote.

After playing a poker face lead character in small screen's fast-paced action thriller Arjun, Shaleen Malhotra wants to take up roles that would allow him to freely emote. He would like to get into romantic roles or take up the character of a don.
In Arjun, the actor plays ACP Arjun Suryakant Raute.
"I would like to do something different. It will be a challenge again. I want to do a romantic or a businessman or even a don," Arjun said.

"I think Arjun is different from the characters that we usually see or play. It has a graph... For any actor, it is a challenge to play a poker faced character. A poker face does not emote through eyes, this is virtually impossible for a person. And to do that was a challenge. But doing it for over a year has trained me," he said.
Shaleen had apprehensions before the show started.
"I was very apprehensive. This is not a normal character. I had never seen a character who is so adamant and rude. I was very apprehensive whether people would accept it or not. But I think people have supported me and liked my character," he said.
He wants his next show to be as big as Arjun, which he feels is the biggest show in terms of concept and production.
"I think my next show should be at par with this. It should also have a good story line. The show should not drag, if it drags, it closes the concept. Anything, which is fast and real, is nice," he said.
A participant of the fourth season of adventure reality show Roadies, Shaleen was initially dimissed for not having a contemporary face.
"I have always wanted to be a part of the industry. When I entered the industry, it was a challenge as people said that I didn't have the contemporary face. I didn't have the sweet guy image. I was a hard core raw man. That was a challenge. I am happy with what I am doing," he said.
Shaleen is looking to step into movies next.
"As of now, there is only Arjun. People know how much I shoot, so they are not approaching me. I am hoping for offers from movies. I hope it comes through soon," he said.