20 years later, Andaz Apna Apna in 20 sentences

  | April 10, 2014 15:45 IST (New Delhi)

Meet Amar and Prem, all-around good-for-nothings looking for a shortcut to fame and fortune.

1. Meet Amar and Prem, all-around good-for-nothings looking for a shortcut to fame and fortune

2. Their fathers curse the day their sons were born

3. Amar and Prem meet and instantly become enemies

4. Both want to marry heiress Raveena who is hunting for a suitable boy with her friend Karishma

5. Amar pretends to lose his memory, Prem pretends to cure it

6. Raveena falls in love with Amar and he thinks he's hit jackpot until she tells him she's actually Karishma

7. Prem gets the rich girl, Amar gets the poor one

8. Will it be a lifetime of washing dishes?

9. No, everything's OK because its true love between Amar and Raveena

10. This is Ram Gopal Bajaj, father of Raveena, uncle of Karishma and long distance Hitler who arrives from videsh with a pocketful of diamonds

11. But wait, who is this? Two uncles?

12. Mystery solved: this is Teja, real name Shyam Gopal Bajaj, evil twin of Ram Gopal who wants his brother's diamonds

13. Teja deputes his henchmen Bhalla and Robert to kill Raveena

14. But they fail each time

15. Teja also fails to kill Raveena with Vasco da Gama's misfiring gun

16. Then he manages to kidnap Ram Gopal Bajaj and pretends to be Uncle

17. The real Uncle escapes but is captured again by bungling fools Amar and Prem

18.Everyone is captured by khandaani chor Crimemaster Gogo who also wants the diamonds

19. Amar steals Gogo's gun and Prem does remote control kung fu

20. The cops arrest all the bad guys and Uncle is so happy to get his diamonds back he lets Raveena and Karishma marry Amar Prem. The End

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