Actress Slaps Rakhi Sawant's Director, Accuses Him of 'Casting Couch'

  | December 16, 2014 14:07 IST (New Delhi)
Rakhi Sawant

The actress is reportedly actress Rakhi Sawant's friend, who features in the film.

The actress attacked Sachindra Sharma at the music launch of a film he has written and directed

Things turned ugly at the music launch of actress Rakhi Swant's new film Mumbai Can Dance Saala when an aspiring actress, believed to be Rakhi's friend, slapped director Sachindra Sharma in full public view in Mumbai on December 11.

The actress, wearing black pants and a printed shirt, attacked Mr Sharma after briefly engaging him in conversation.

Rakhi then intervened, rushing over to pull the two apart and then ushering her friend off-stage, away from the enraged director and security personnel. She appeared to be attempting to calm her down.

The actress, whose name is reportedly Manisha, has allegedly accused Sachindra Sharma of offering her a role on condition of what is popularly known as the 'casting couch,' and then failing to actually cast her.

Rakhi told news agency IANS later, "Yes, she is right, the director asked her for favours to get a role in his film."

Mr Sharma has described the attack as a publicity stunt on the part of Manisha, saying, "Every now and then, aspiring actresses use these type of cheap stunts to get publicity. I don't even know that girl."

Sachindra Sharma has written and directed Mumbai Can Dance Saala which stars Prashant Narayanan, Aditya Pancholi and Shakti Kapoor, apart from Rakhi.