Bad Priyanka Chopra, You Didn't Tell Me We Fought: Kapil Sharma

  | January 15, 2015 18:49 IST (New Delhi)
Kapil Sharma

Priyanka Chopra reportedly had a war of words with Kapil Sharma at an award show.

Kapil and Priyanka were reported to have quarreled after the actress kept the TV host waiting for three hours at an award show

A trail of juicy gossip usually follows in the wake of award shows. One piece of gossip from a recent show left both parties reportedly involved bemused. They chose to respond with humour.
TV comedian Kapil Sharma, who read in a tabloid that he had 'fought' with actress Priyanka Chopra at an awards night he hosted, tweeted:

'Bad' Priyanka promptly replied:

Priyanka was reported to have kept Kapil waiting for three hours before arriving for the show, only to announce that she was not ready. This apparently miffed the Comedy Nights With Kapil host, who is notorious for keeping celebrities and audience waiting during his own shows.
As per their Twitter conversation, the reported quarrel over Priyanka's alleged lateness never happened.

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