Cannes 2015: The Internet Hates Sonam Kapoor's 'Big Bird' Dress

  | May 19, 2015 13:26 IST (New Delhi)
Cannes 2015

This image was posted on Twitter by Sonam Kapoor

On Twitter, people were reminded of Sesame Street's Big Bird, when Sonam, who wore Elie Saab couture, made her final appearance at Cannes this year

Actress Sonam Kapoor glided down the Cannes red carpet on May 18 in a sorbet-coloured feathered Elie Saab dress as tweet-worthy as the elaborate yellow dress Rihanna wore to the Met Gala.
In all fairness, Sonam looked as good in the giant confection as it is possible for anyone to look. The Internet, however, reduced it to memes almost instantly.
#TheDress reminded Twitter of Sesame Street's Big Bird

Cousin Itt from The Addams Family




A loofah

Twitter also made fun of how big #TheDress was

Suggested other uses for it

And considered the possibility that the dress was an accident

The deepest cut?

That was Sonam's last appearance at Cannes this year so Twitter, if you are hoping for a spot of redemption, don't.

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