Kangana Ranaut wants to play Waheeda to Aamir's Guru Dutt

  | March 19, 2014 08:22 IST (New Delhi)
Aamir Khan

Kangana stresses that Queen is not a women-oriented film, rather a celebration of the underdog

Uneasy certainly is not the head that wears the crown, especially if you are Kangana Ranaut.

Uneasy certainly is not the head that wears the crown, especially if you are Kangana Ranaut.
The queen of hearts seems to be enjoying every moment of her royal status at the box office as Queen draws in a full house.
Not having anticipated the overwhelming response to the film, Kangana said that it was beyond her imagination. Though she was not surprised to get letters of praise from Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, it is the film's ability to transcend barriers that's made her most happy.
With a lot of men in the audience enjoying her performance, the actress said she abhors the term 'women-oriented film'. Rather it's a celebration of the underdog and for anyone who overcomes self-esteem issues. If it was a woman-oriented film why have the so called feminist films in the past not done well, she asks.
There is news trickling in that Kangana may replace Vidya Balan, who could soon be on maternity leave, in Sujoy Ghosh's next. The actress didn't comment but said she looks forward to doing films where she can stand tall.
She also added that it's her connect with the audience that's working in her favour unlike heroines who usually end up taking a backseat as the hero holds centre stage.
Obviously Queen will be the toast of the award season, but this Queen is not a big one for awards saying, "I have made it clear I will not be part of the award ceremonies, I just do not believe in that nonsense. 15 awards, 5 hour long ceremonies. When do you expect us to make movies?"
"I respect Aamir for his stance and I stand by it too. A great admirer of the perfectionist Khan's work." Kangana says that he is an actor who does not have an agenda.
She would like to work with him in a black and white period piece where he could be Guru Dutt and she be cast as Waheeda Rahman, the actress adds dreamily.
Kangana, who says that she has hit her tipping point with Queen, would like to see herself in the director's chair soon and make a movie in the next three years.
Well, all we can say is that this Queen is ready to reign supreme for some time now.
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