Shahid Kapoor On Mira Rajput's 'Puppy' Comment: She Was Speaking For A Section Of Women

Mira's been receiving grief for not being able to tell a baby from a puppy but her husband Shahid Kapoor has come to her rescue

  | March 16, 2017 13:37 IST (New Delhi)
Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput married in 2015 (courtesy: shahidkapoor)


  • She's been receiving grief for not being able to tell a baby from a puppy
  • 'Mira's speaking for women who aren't represented,' said Shahid
  • 'Few people show appreciation towards these women,' he added
Mira Rajput's controversial remarks about feminism, babies and puppies have been received with derision and outrage on social media. Now, her husband Shahid Kapoor has attempted a defence of his 23-year-old wife, saying she was "speaking for a section of women who really aren't being represented" and that her words came "from a positive space." Last week, Mira spoke about a 'new wave of feminism which is about aggression' and explained that she is a stay-at-home mother because, "I wouldn't want to spend one hour with Misha and then rush off to work. Why did I have her? Misha is not a puppy."
She's been receiving grief for not being able to tell a baby from a puppy but her husband has come to her rescue. Speaking to the press in Mumbai on Wednesday, Shahid Kapoor said, "I think Mira is speaking for a section of women who really aren't being represented. There are times when those women feel that they should not be celebrated. By that I mean women who might not be doing a job, who might choose to be at home, have a baby, take care of the baby and consider that important enough to do at a certain stage in your life," reports PTI.
"At a different stage of life, you might choose something else. I took five months off when I was having Misha because I felt it was important for me to be with my wife and my child. So that's a choice you make out of a certain sense of independence. I think there are very few people showing any kind of appreciation towards these women," he added.
Shahid Kapoor also gave Mira a vote of thanks. "I personally feel that I might be the one who goes to work between me and Mira as husband and wife, but what she is doing for Misha is far more important, far more relevant. I really wish I could but between the two of us one has to go to work and I happen to be that person," he said, reports PTI.
Mira's comments ought not to be harshly judged, he said, adding that those who do should be dismissed. "I think she was speaking from a very positive space. I do understand that people have a strong point of view and people get hurt about things, but I think we are in a time where everybody is getting hurt about everything. So, I honestly don't feel there is any sense in trying to keep everyone happy. We are also in a time where anybody who is important or being given importance says something, a lot of people want to gain importance by saying something against them. So, we just live in that kind of a time," Shahid said, reports PTI.
Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput married in 2015. Misha was born in August 2016.
Shahid was last seen as World War II soldier Nawab Malik in Rangoon. He is currently working on Padmavati - the set of which was attacked in Kolhapur on Wednesday morning - with Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.
(With inputs from PTI)

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