Tiger Shroff Here to Stay: Ayesha Shroff on Twitter Taunts

  | May 06, 2014 19:59 IST (Mumbai)
Ayesha Shroff

Tiger Shroff jokes were recently trending on Twitter

Ayesha doesn't deny that the twitter taunts on Tiger are in all likelihood orchestrated

Attempts to pull down Tiger Shroff, son of Ayesha and actor Jackie Shroff, have left his family unperturbed, if not downright amused.
The star son is being launched into filmdom by producer Sajid Nadiadwala with Heropanti which is scheduled for a May 23 release. According to a source, once the film's first song and trailer went viral, nasty taunts and barbs started surfacing.
Ayesha doesn't deny that the twitter taunts on Tiger are in all likelihood orchestrated. (Also Read: Aamir Khan speaks about Tiger)
"Perhaps these taunts are orchestrated. I can't really say. But in any case these comments are only a drop in the ocean," she said.
"By and large the response to Tiger has been positive, happy and encouraging. Every potentially great personality has faced his share of ridicule at some point in his life and career," she added.
She would rather laugh about the rude comments than brood over them.
"I'd like to take it in a humorous spirit. The tremendous outpouring of love and appreciation Tiger has so far got for his hard work and for being the person that he is, are I think the most befitting reply to all the nasty comments. The naysayers can eat their heart out or get as mean as they like, Tiger is here to stay," she said.