Why Half Girlfriend Director Mohit Suri Changed Chetan Bhagat's Story For His Film

"While Riya has some dark family secrets, they are not related to sexual abuse. I have moved out of that dark, sexual zone completely," said Mohit Suri

  | March 28, 2017 20:23 IST (New Delhi)
Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend: A poster of the film


  • 'I wanted it to be more of a love story,' said Mohit Suri
  • 'I have moved out of that dark zone,' he added
  • The film releases on May 19
Upcoming film Half Girlfriend is the screen adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name but director Mohit Suri admitted to have diverted from the original script, reported DNA. The director said that changes have been made in the character and backstory of Riya Sonami, the female protagonist, reported DNA. The novel Half Girlfriend mentions how Riya, a rich Delhi girl, was sexually abused as a child but Mr Suri seems to have eliminated that bit from his film. "While Riya has some dark family secrets, they are not related to sexual abuse. I have moved out of that dark, sexual zone completely. I wanted it to be more of a love story and to deal with contemporary social issues relatable to women," DNA quoted Mohit Suri as saying.
But did that go well with Chetan Bhagat? The director said Mr Bagat never disagreed over the changes made in the script of the film, reported DNA. "The minute Chetan gave me the book, I asked him if he wanted to be a part of the screenplay, but he refused saying he was too closely connected to it. While he was creatively involved with the script, he never fought over the changes we made," DNA quoted Mohit Suri as saying.
Mohit Suri also said that modifications were made to make the story more relatable to the present time. "It's about rich families and how girls are treated there so I have kept it more relevant to today's times. The film also shows the hypocrisy in our society especially concerning women," said Mr Suri, reported DNA.
"Maybe it's because I have a daughter of my own today and experiencing fatherhood has wrought that change to be more socially conscious. My daughter can make me proud someday. When I see her, I feel so happy. Why can't daughters take their family name ahead?" said the director, as reported by DNA. Mohit Suri is married to actress Udita Goswami and they are parents to a daughter named Devi.
Half Girlfriend also stars Arjun Kapoor as Madhav Jha, a basketball enthusiast and releases on May 19. Half Girlfriend is Chetan Bhagat's fourth novel which has been adapted in a film.

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