Natalie Portman's Father Wanted Her To Choose This Career Over Acting

Natalie Portman said that her father always wanted her to become a lawyer or a professor as he believed that she would be more fulfilled in those fields

  | December 01, 2016 22:28 IST (Los Angeles)
Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman at the Venice Film Festival (Image courtesy: AFP)


  • Right from age 11, Natalie wanted to become an actor
  • She was asked to go to the law school by her father
  • Her latest film Jackie will release on Friday
Actress Natalie Portman recently revealed that her father Avner Hershlag always wanted her to become a lawyer or a professor. However, she added that right from the age of 11, she wanted to pursue her career in acting, though, no one in her family has ever been a performer. The 35-year-old star belongs to a 'serious academic family', where being educated and literate was given the only preference and was acceptable. When the actor grew up, her father asked her to go to a law school as he believed that she would prosper more in that field than the film industry.

In an interview to Variety, the actor said that she does not know from where she drew the inspiration of becoming an actor, as nobody in her family has ever been in this field.
"My dad pulled me aside when I was 25 and was like, 'I think it's time for you to go to law school. Not that he was saying that acting was bad, but more that he was like, 'I think you'll be more fulfilled if you have something more -- like a life of the mind," the actress told .

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Natalie added, "So, it took me a while, coming from that background, to be like, 'This is what I want, and this is what I love. I enjoy this'."
Natalie Portman's latest film Jackie is all set to release on Friday, where she portrays the role of Jacqueline Kennedy. The film is based on President John F Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

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