Nicolas Cage on Indian Food, a Desi Face/Off and National Treasure 3

  | May 08, 2014 10:59 IST (New Delhi)

Nicolas Cage says Indian food is divine

Oscar winning Hollywood star Nicolas Cage could be leaving Las Vegas for an Indian experience soon.

Oscar winning Hollywood star Nicolas Cage could be leaving Las Vegas for an Indian experience soon. The actor told NDTV in Dubai that he loves Indian food, almost did an Indian movie, wants to do one and has never been here yet but is angling for an invite.(Also read: Nicolas Cage once auditioned for dating show)
"My impressions of India I only know mostly from some of my friends in the USA and also from the food that I have enjoyed, the culture from some of the restaurants that I have gone to. I found Indian food to be divine. It's just magical.
But I've not been to India yet and I'm hopeful that maybe as a result of this, I will be invited to go to India and may be work with the Indian filmmakers and some of your stars because I believe that anytime you go to a new place as an actor, you soak the genius loci or the genie of the place, the culture and it influences performance and I'm hopeful that I will be able to do that in India one day. I almost came close on a movie but it didn't work out," the actor told NDTV.
The Face/Off actor also revealed that he had a genuine interest in meeting people and absorbing culture and said he wanted to go on a tour of India. "So many things have changed the world over time and history as a result of coming out of India, I mean astrology, stars and the zodiac, all of that began thousands and thousands of years ago in India," he said.
Given that former co-star John Travolta is also in the market for an Indian film - he told the IIFA crowd some weeks ago that he was in talks for Shekhar Kapur's Paani - should we look forward to a desi Face/Off? Cage said that would be exciting and that he has been trying to make a movie along the lines of the blockbuster identity swapping film for the last 15 years with John Travolta, but that it was difficult because of the way the script ended.
Nicolas Cage, star of films as varied as Adaptation and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, also spoke about how he chooses his roles. "First I have to know whether I'll learn something. I see myself as a student and would never call myself a maestro, that means I'm not going for grades, I'm going for an education. I want to try new things and be eclectic in the kind of roles that I take and the kinds of genres that I do. I'm not a snob. I want to do everything. I want to do horror, I want to do dramatic movies and adventure films, so for me it's about what I have gone through in my life will give me the emotional wisdom to play my part."
A veteran of terrific chase sequences, cool cars and bikes from movies like Gone In 60 Seconds, Nicolas Cage picks the Buell motorcycle and the 'Hell's Cycle' he rode in the Ghost Rider movies as his favourites. He revealed, "I enjoyed all of that. It was like a chance to express multiple sides of my interest. I had an interest in the comic book culture and in the horror film and the supernatural aspect in the Ghost Rider films. The motorcycles themselves are marvellous creations. I got all those elements in one movie."
The Kick-Ass star, who was in Dubai for the launch of Audi's new A8L model, balances his passion for cars with concern for the environment. The actor said, "I am passionate about all cars, my grandfather had an Audi when I was growing up and he would drive with me in the car and I would listen to music and one of the things I was impressed by was the car's diesel engine. Many people may not know, but the diesel is far better for the environment than other kinds of automobiles. I'm not going to name anybody but there are issues with a lot many other cars which are not necessarily green. I drive a diesel car too and feel happy that I'm contributing in some way."
Lastly, there just might be good news in the offing for fans of the hit National Treasure movies - National Treasure 3 could be coming up. The actor revealed, "We all want to do it, it's just that unlike some of the other movies, these movies have to be historically accurate otherwise it doesn't work. It takes a little more thought to put them together and that's what they are working on now."

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