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A Wednesday

  | March 07, 2014 09:48 IST
A  Wednesday
  • Genre:
  • Cast:
    Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher
  • Director:
    Neeraj Pandey
A Wednesday is provocative theatre. Its message is urgent and relevant but also disturbing and dangerous. The film is a compelling response to our terror-filled times but it will polarise viewers ? many will applaud. And just as many will be aghast at what it is suggesting but few, I think, will walk away unengaged. The Commissioner of Police, played crisply by Anupam Kher, receives a call from an unnamed man who claims that he has planted bombs all over the city. The caller will set off these bombs unless the cops release four terrorists, all of whom were key players in earlier bomb blasts. The cops race against time, attempting to thwart the caller but suddenly events take an unexpected twist. The first half of A Wednesday is a serviceable police drama. Debutant director Neeraj Pandey follows the routine thriller guidelines. So background music thumps, cops bark orders in a spiffy-looking control room and the camera snakes around like the bomb squad dogs sniffing for clues. It's somewhat interesting but definitely not new. But post-interval, Neeraj's script takes a turn that sets A Wednesday apart from the slew of terror films we?ve seen recently. The twist isn?t a shattering Sixth Sense-level surprise. In fact, if you pay close attention, you can predict what will happen but Neeraj and Naseeruddin Shah, who plays the caller, make a persuasive case for why it happens. A Wednesday is implausible?there is little chance that a man like this could pull off a stunt like this. But it is effective rabble-rousing. As Shah goes into his climatic oration, you might find yourself applauding. I recommend that you see it.
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