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Click is horrific in more ways than one.

  | March 07, 2014 09:48 IST


  • Genre:
  • Cast:
    Shreyas Talpade, Sadaa, Sneha Ullal and Chunkey Pandey
  • Director:
    Sangeeth Sivan
How hard can it be to make a reasonably diverting horror film if all you?re doing is copying? Well, if you?re Sangeeth Sivan, the answer is: very hard. Sivan steals liberally from the 2008 Hollywood film Shutter, which itself is based on a Thai film, but he can?t even string together the material coherently. Click is just plain awful.

Click begins with Shreyas Talpade as Avi, the hotshot photographer, having an intimate moment with his model-girlfriend Sonia, played by Sada. The two are supposed to be working on some pictures for a client but Sonia can?t keep her hands off him and soon they are doing everything else but photography. How scary is this? Very.

It doesn?t help that Shreyas, desperately attempting cool, wears curly hair and bandanas. Later in the film, he says: All right babes, go for it.

The ghostly stuff begins a few scenes later when the couple hit a girl on a lonely road and leaving her lying there. Soon after, things begin to go bump in the night, three of their friends push daggers into their throats and poor Avi?s photographs start to show a ghostly presence in them. It turns out that Avi knew the girl on the road.

Aarti, played by Sneha Ulhal, and him were once lovers but he wasn?t ready to commit to a relationship. Things got ugly and now Aarti, in ghost version, is chasing him. She loves him too much to let go but she also wants to punish him and in the process, we get punished too.

Click might make you jump once or twice but mostly it?s a saga of unremitting boredom. The horror is in-your-face Ramsay style, the costumes and hair-dos are unintentionally scary ? special mention here for Chunky Pandey?s middle-parting. And the acting is atrocious ? Sneha Ullal seems lifeless even before she becomes a ghost; Sheryas, an otherwise fine actor, is reduced to posturing; and Sada just shrieks and wails.

Sivan makes up for her limited expression by shaking the camera as much as possible whenever she?s having an emotional moment.

Click is horrific in more ways than one.
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