• Cast:
    Vinay Pathak, Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dhupia
  • Director:
    Shashant Shah
Amar Kaul is a pathologically timid and boring 37-year-old virgin, who works as an accountant in a pharmaceutical company and lives with his mother. One day, he is diagnosed with stomach cancer and told that he has two months to live. The meek worker drone decides to spend his last days on earth fulfilling his heart?s deepest desires and in the process, he discovers how beautiful life really is. ? Similar premises have been played out in scores of Hollywood movies like Bucket List and My Life Without Me. Debutant director Shashant Shah tries to infuse some originality into it with a range of characters such as Amar?s eccentric mother who has hearing problems and his Jabba-from-Stars Wars style boss who alternates between gulping down food and berating Amar. Vinay Pathak who is in almost every frame, works hard to achieve the right balance of pathos and comedy but unlike Bheja Fry?s Bharat Bhushan, Amar Kaul simply doesn?t have enough meat for Pathak to sink his teeth into. Dasvidaniya is well-intended. It strains hard for poignancy but unfortunately it only manages to be predictable and plodding. There are a few nicely done emotional scenes but mostly this story of an ordinary life remains painfully ordinary. See it if you must.
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