• Genre:
  • Cast:
    Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham
  • Director:
    Tarun Mansukhani
  • Producer:
    Karana Johar
  • Writer:
Dostana begins with John Abraham emerging, in tiny yellow trunks, from?the sea.? The camera lustily travels over every inch of his buffed?muscles while Shilpa Shetty emerges, also in barely-there clothes, and? exhorts us all to bounce.? John and Shilpa arguably have the best?bodies in Bollywood and between them and a dozen curvaceous blondes,?they set the tone for the film.? Dostana is another installment in the?Karan Johar brand of love-lite in which every one looks mouth-wateringly fabulous, the clothes and accessories are impeccably?designer, the locales are foreign and heart-ache doesn?t get?uncomfortably messy or produce any real pain or tears, even when it includes infidelity.? Except here we?ve got a fake gay angle to liven up the tango of tangled hearts. Kunal, a photographer played by John Abraham, and Sameer, a nurse played by Abhishek Bachchan, pretend to be gay so they can share a? flat with Neha, the super-sexy magazine editor played by Priyanka?Chopra.? Of course both end up falling in love with her but they must?keep up the charade of being lovers themselves even as they first try? and woo her individually and then together thwart a third rival, Bobby? Deol, who arrives late on the scene.? Debutant writer-director Tarun?Mansukhnai and his leads pull off the gay angle with panache.? The?first half is fun and games with the arrival of Sameer?s smothering?Punjabi mother who at first is aghast but then, and this is the most?progressive element in the film, she actually blesses the union, even?asking Kunal to do Karva Chauth for her son.? Abhishek and John have a?crackling chemistry.? After the perpetually scowling Drona, Abhishek?especially is in fine form.? Thankfully neither is awkward or self- conscious about playing gay and they along with Boman Irani and Kirron?Kher keep proceedings light and frothy. And then the curse of the second half strikes.? The plot congeals with? forced misunderstandings, sabotages and manipulations that involve a?five-year-old kid.? This bit made me especially uncomfortable.? The?writing becomes clunky, the laughs deflate alarmingly and watching?these pretty people pout and fight becomes tedious.? The wafer-thin,?sitcom style story-line is stretched to breaking point and the climax,?which suggests Hindi cinema?s first man on man kiss, makes little?sense.? Which is a shame because clearly producer Karan Johar and? Tarun are stepping out on a limb here and their efforts to bring? homosexuality out of the Bollywood closet are laudable.? I only wish?Dostana?s writing was as good as their intentions.? Still, if you have?nothing else to keep you busy this weekend, I recommend that you see?the film.? It?s innocuous candyfloss. Special: Dostana
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