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Ek: the Power of One

  | March 07, 2014 09:48 IST
Ek: the Power of One
  • Genre:
  • Cast:
    Nana Patekar, Bobby Deol, Chunky Pandey, Jackie Sh
  • Director:
    Sangeeth Sivan
  • Producer:
    Jaswant Khera
Can you handle the idea of a sexually frisky Nana Patekar? Can you bear to see the National Award-winning actor play Rane, a CBI officer who hops into bed with prostitutes, flirts sleazily with buxom maids and comments on cleavage whenever he gets the opportunity. If not, then don?t go near Ek: The power of one. If Nana in heat isn?t enough to put you off, then director Sangeeth Sivan offers you plenty that will. There?s Bobby Deol, wearing his singular grim professional killer expression - one that you might recognise from other films in which he played an assassin - Bichoo and Chamku. Unfortunately, the actor also seems to be having the worst hair day seen on screen since Mimoh Chakraborty showed off his bonded locks in Jimmy. Bobby plays Nandu, the killer who reforms after he is adopted by a large, loving Punjabi family who mistake him for their long-lost son. Of course in this kind of film, being Punjabi means constantly doing the bhangra or drinking lassi or driving tractors in swaying mustard fields. Eventually however, Nandu?s past and Rane catch up with him and he is forced to return to his killer ways and settle some unfinished business. Ek, a remake of Telegu blockbuster Athadu, is the kind of high decibel, low IQ film that makes you feel like you?ve been bludgeoned in a dark alley. It?s ugly, gratuitously violent and morally specious. And just when you think it can?t get worse, it does. Kulbhushan Kharbanda playing the Punjabi patriarch gives a lengthy, totally mystifying speech about watching the sun set and the birds fly home. Shriya Saran, playing the coy love interest, delivers seven expression when just one would suffice perhaps to make up for Bobby?s lack of variety. And perhaps the unkindest cut of all, the shrill and consistently intolerable Upasana Singh, shows up as a shrieky bua. In an interview Sivan had said that Ek is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jeyenge meets Die Hard. I struggled to find even a flash of those films here but it proved impossible. I recommend that you steer clear of Ek and re-discover the power of those blockbusters instead.
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