• Genre:
    Action / Suspense
  • Cast:
    Sunny Deol, Arjun Rampal, Sagarika Ghatge and Udita Goswami
  • Director:
    Deepak Tijori
The good news is that Fox might be Deepak Tijori’s best film. The bad news is that Tijori’s earlier films include gems like Oops and Tom Dick and Harry.

Fox is a hugely convoluted and dim-witted thriller about a criminal lawyer named Arjun Kapoor, played by a stone-faced Arjun Rampal.

Kapoor is called a Law ka Genius and a Mujrimon ka Messiah because he manages to get criminals off the hook with his acumen. One day, he develops a conscience, throws it all up and moves to Goa. Here an elderly stranger hands him an unpublished novel and promptly dies.

Kapoor publishes the novel under his own name, becomes a best-selling crime author and then finds himself in jail because every murder in the novel is an actual unsolved murder which the police claim, Kapoor could have only written about in such detail if he were the murderer himself.

The novel incidentally is called "Find the Fox" and the cover features - I am not making this up - an actual fox in lawyers’ robes. The book’s publisher is a heavy-breathing, mini-skirted Udita Goswami who doubles up as an item girl when necessary.

The trouble with Fox is that it makes very little sense. The big reveal at the end is likely to draw more laughs than gasps.

The story, also by Tijori, is compounded by the bad acting. Each actor goes through the motions wearing forlorn expressions and bad wigs. The camerawork is patchy and for reasons unknown, Tijori spends a lot of time focusing on his actor’s hands.

There is nothing foxy about Fox. I’m going with one and a half stars.