• Genre:
  • Cast:
    Shiney Ahuja, Esha Deol
  • Director:
    Kunal Shivdasani
  • Producer:
    Dinesh Vijan Kunal Shivdasani
  • Music:
    Justin Yesudas Uday Kumar Ninjoor
Hijack is about some nasty terrorists who hijack a plane because they want their leader to be freed. Their evil plans are messed up by Vicky, a super-strong ex-pilot whose daughter happens to be on the flight. Earlier, Vicky’s wife was killed by terrorists and he won’t let them mess with his family again. So he enters the cargo hold and pummels them into pulp one by one. At the end, he’s hanging on a helicopter with one hand. He’s using the other one to show the helicopter pilot which direction to fly in. Now how hard can it be to make reasonably entertaining drama out of this material? Hollywood has done it dozens of times, most memorably in the Die Hard series in which Bruce Willis, with a sexy, sardonic smile, is John Mclane, the cop who is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. But debutant director Kunal Shivdasani makes a royal hash of the time-tested formula. Hijack is comic book in the worst sense of the word. The main villain, played by K K Raina, shows his nastiness by snarling at every one and breaking into the kind of laughter that was last heard in movies in the 1980s. Leading man Shiney Ahuja works up a sweat but he cannot bring an iota of conviction to this amateurish script. Esha Deol, who is inexplicably, wearing corkscrew curls, is a frantic and shrieking air-hostess. When she says: I'm scared, Vicky wisely replies: it's okay, in this situation, that's normal. But my favourite moment in the film comes when the terrorist calls the chief air traffic controller to inform him that they have hijacked a plane. The ATC’s reponse is: shucks. Hijack cannot even manage to be a bargain basement Die Hard. Steer clear.
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