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Megamind is a delightful film about a super-villain, Megamind.

  | March 07, 2014 09:48 IST


  • Genre:
    Animated Comedy
  • Cast:
    Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill
  • Director:
    Tom McGrath
Megamind is a delightful film about a super-villain, Megamind, who has an existential crisis when he actually succeeds in defeating his
arch-enemy, the super-hero Metro Man.

Megamind, voiced by Will Ferrell, discovers that having it all isn?t quite what?s its cut out to be. So once he has killed Metro Man, voiced by Brad Pitt, poor Megamind loses his purpose of being. He finds himself so bored and empty that he actually creates another superhero so than his yin can have a yang. Of course things don?t go according to plan and Megamind finds himself in the unlikely position of becoming Metro City?s savior.

Director Tom McGrath, who earlier made the Madagascar movies, tells this fairly complicated story with flair. The one-liners are genuinely funny and Ferrell?s impeccable comic timing keeps the film buoyant. Like the other villain who must become a hero, Gru in Despicable Me, Megamind is an inherently loveable character who just didn?t get enough hugs as a child.

He?s smart and sensitive and superbly witty. When the hero he manufactures asks what is the difference between a villain and a super-villain, Megamind replies: presentation.

In keeping with DreamWorks animation tradition, this film is also crammed with pop culture references. My favorite moment: when Megamind who is constantly shifting shapes becomes Marlon Brando from Superman. Megamind doesn?t have emotional heft but it?s light and fun ? the perfect dose for the holiday weekend. Check it out.
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