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Review: Jodi Breakers

I kept thinking of Madhavan


Review: <i>Jodi Breakers</i>
  • Cast:
    Bipasha Basu, R Madhavan, Helen, Omi Vaidya, Milind Soman, Dipannita Sharma
  • Director:
    Ashwini Chaudhary
  • Music:
    Salim- Sulaiman
Ashwini Chaudhary, the director of Jodi Breakers, is best remembered for nearly ending his career by walking out of Subhash Ghai's film. That film was Good Boy Bad Boy. After sitting through Jodi Breakers, you will still remember him for that.

First, I can?t classify the film. The makers have said it's a film about dysfunctional relationships. It's neither a love story, nor a sex comedy. There are plenty of innuendoes and women in bikinis frolicking in foam as newly-divorced R Madhavan ("Sid") celebrates being single. Song and dance is his chosen way. The women (those one lathered in foam and by the pool) find him irresistible. Perhaps because he even changes the colour of his spectacle frames thrice in the same song (begins with black, goes to blue and red and ends with black). Reality hits though because his evil ex-wife has taken him to the cleaners and he now has to earn his money.

He opts to make his money in the same field which gave him the old heave-ho in the first place ? the business of love. Only he lends a helping hand to those who have fallen out of love and into bad marriages. His partner is Bipasha Basu (?Sonali?). She doesn?t take her job too seriously apparently because she still believes in love and happy endings.

A "twist" in the "plot" is timed just before the interval, when you are seriously wondering if leaving midway in an empty theatre is an option. No worries of stepping on any toes, there?s hardly a handful for the show. But professional commitments are sacrosanct so I am still in the theatre, dreading the second half.

Some form of reprieve to see Milind Soman and Dipanita Sharma on screen. Milind Soman looks good (despite that mysterious Tintin-type tuft he sports in this film). So does Dipanita Sharma and they both do the best possible under excruciating circumstances (read juvenile dialogues, lame scenes and hackneyed situations).

Omi Vaidya is irritating as ?Nano?. I kept thinking of Madhavan?s earlier films to remind myself that he is a good actor. Sadly wasted. Just like Bipasha is nothing to write home about. Looks, even chiseled ones, do not make a film.

The music by Salim Sulaiman blends into a dysfunctional film. ?Bipasha-o-Bipasha is glossy. That?s about it. Item numbers can add to a film, they can?t make a film.
1.5 stars for this film.
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