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The Incredible Hulk

  | March 07, 2014 09:48 IST
The Incredible Hulk
  • Genre:
  • Cast:
    Liv Tyler, Ed Norton
  • Director:
    Louis Leterrier
  • Writer:
The big-ticket Hollywood movie this weekend is of course The Incredible Hulk. It is, as the title suggests, an incredibly big film. And it is about Hulk, the Marvel comic monster. The last time on, director Ang Lee, had brought him on screen. In comparison, this version, directed by Louis Leterrier, is a lot less of a talkie. There is no sub-text either. If you're aware of this manic-action strip, you'd know what the premise is. Like almost all superhero kind of stuff, we basically have two opposite sides of the same lead character here. There is the soft-hearted, mild-mannered scientist Dr Bruce Banner. Edward Norton plays him quite perfectly. As an actor Ed Norton rarely goes wrong. This human being turns into the aggressive, destructive, huge Hulk on a rampage. This happens every time the excitement level in his body begins to rise up. There is then the American Army. This entire force it seems to me is completely at the beck and call of one General. That man is the father of Dr Banner's girlfriend, played by the luscious Liv Tyler. What else do you want. What I find most intriguing about this film's plot is the reason the General, or the American Army, is after the Hulk. It's not that they really want to protect the American public. They're actually after the scientific or magic potion that turns Dr Banner into the giant Hulk in the first place. Once they get hold of that, they want to raise an entire army of Hulks. Such an army of mini King-Kongs that cannot be controlled or trained would obviously finish off America first. That no one here has thought of that, really can only happen in a flick like this. In fact one of the General's soldiers does turn into an evil Hulk. And there is mayhem all over in the end. This is obviously not the sort of film where you go around looking for logic. There is Ed Norton; there is Liv Tyler; and there is the humungous Hulk. More importantly, there is random action, visual effects, and computer generated images. That's exactly why we're in the theatre to begin with. Why we watch this film is the reason we spend hours on video games and play station perhaps. Such super-sized Hollywood 'event pictures' do not need much critical push. To be fair, it's not that I'm dying to recommend this film to anyone either.
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