• Genre:
    Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Cast:
    James McAvoy , Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie
  • Director:
    Timur Bekmambetov
Wanted is the ultimate male fantasy. A mousy office accountant, played by James McVoy, lives a meek, miserable life. At work, his fat boss brutalises him and at home, his girlfriend, who happens to be sleeping with his friend, nags him. He tells us that the only thing he cares about is the fact that he doesn't care about anything. And then one day, Angelina Jolie, shows up and informs him that his father was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived and now he must continue the legacy. Our accountant, trained by a thousand-year-old fraternity of assassins, then transforms into a buffed-up, kick-ass killer and he even gets to lock lips with the divine Ms Jolie who looks like she has descended from some superior race of beings. As I watched her, all sexy smirk and tattoos, I thought: She's definitely not one of us. Wanted is the Hollywood debut of Russian film director Timur Bekmambetov, who earlier created the vampire blockbusters Day Watch and Night Watch. This film also features hypnotic action, a propulsive pace and stunning images. You might think you've seen every kind of movie violence there is but have you ever seen a bullet exit slowly from a man's forehead and watched how the blood curls up behind. Bekmambetov's audacity and imagination propel the first half hour of the film but beyond a point, the style cannot disguise the silliness. The film originates from a comic-book series so we're not expecting subtext or nuances but the plot twists here require you to check-in logic at the gate. By the time, Morgan Freeman, in yet another God-type role, pointed at a giant loom and declared: this is the loom of fate, I was laughing out loud. Wanted is giddy on guns, violence and adolescent machismo. For a certain demographic - men under 25 - its manna from heaven but the rest of us can do quite nicely without it.
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