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Madhur Bhandarkar On Indu Sarkar: Not Just RSS, Told To Cut Even Kishore Kumar

date: July 12, 2017 | duration: 8:54

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has denounced the many edits ordered to his Emergency-themed movie Indu Sarkar as 'absurd' and denied that the film is propaganda. The National Award-winning director currently is fighting on several fronts to see his film release in its entirety later this month. The Central Board of Film Certification has demanded 14 cuts to Indu Sarkar, including references to the RSS, the Akali Dal and even singer Kishore Kumar. Speaking to NDTV, Mr Bhandarkar said he was 'appalled' by the Censor Board's edits. "What yardstick or parameters did they choose to say such things? They want me to remove the word Kishore Kumar, Prime Minister, RSS, communists, Akalis. I was really appalled by the kind of suggestions that were offered," Mr Bhandarkar said. He also said that he had been asked to remove the disclaimer at the start of his film which explains that Indu Sarkar is dedicated to the 'unsung heroes of the Emergency who restored democracy.'

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