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Religious Intolerance Will Take Us to Dark Ages: Shah Rukh Khan to NDTV

date: November 02, 2015 | duration: 49:33

"Our religion cannot be defined or showed respect to by our meat-eating habits. How banal and silly is that," said Shah Rukh Khan in a hard-hitting and outspoken interview to NDTV. Speaking on the occasion of his 50th birthday, the actor said that there was nothing worse than religious intolerance and that it would take India to the Dark Ages. He came out in support of the artistes and writers who have returned awards to defend creative freedom, but said he wouldn't do it, rather would choose a different form of protest, like a march or a strike. To twitter abusers who tell him to go to Pakistan, he said, "this is a country where my father fought for freedom and he gave me a piece of it. So I am very proud of it and I am not giving away what my father gave (me) to anyone or leaving any which way. So please shut up."

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