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Review: Ki And Ka an Entertaining Film With a Message

date: April 01, 2016 | duration: 2:55

In its review of R Balki's film Ki And Ka, NDTV India, which gives the film a 3-star rating says, "Kareena Kapoor has acted extremely well. Arjun Kapoor also fits perfectly into his role. The film makes you laugh and cry. It's nice to see Big B and Jaya Bachchan together on the screen."

  • Is Kareena Like Ki And Ka's Kia in Real Life? 'Yes'

    "Yes, Kia is a little bit like me," said Kareena Kapoor Khan to NDTV when asked about her Ki And Ka character. However, she added: "But I don't know if I have the guts to experiment in a marriage." Ki And Ka stars Arjun Kapoor as house husband Kabir while Kareena plays the role of a career-driven woman.

  • Arjun Wore High Heels. This is How it Felt Like

    Arjun Kapoor, who wore heels while dancing to a song in his new film Ki And Ka, said that it was really difficult. "I am not comfortable in heels at all. I have newfound respect for all women who walk throughout the day in heels," Arjun told NDTV.

  • Kareena on What's Challenging About Ki And Ka

    Kareena Kapoor says that the challenging part about Ki And Ka is to convince audience that there can be people like Kia, an ambitious career woman and Kabir, a stay-at-home husband.

  • The Lines That Convinced Arjun for Ki And Ka

    Narrated by director R Balki, the lines began with the words: "Every boy grows up wanting to be like his father. But what if.."